Glimpse® is topical nutrition for your skin, with naturally biofermented mangosteen for younger, firmer skin. Exclusive mangosteen-derived ingredients formulate BioActive X3 Complex®, a xanthone-rich complex that effectively calms the signs of inflammation, provides antioxidant protection and supports collagen production. The result is a clean, glowing complexion that will radiate health.

Mangosteen Pericarp Oil

Glimpse Mangosteen Pericarp Oil helps strengthen and stimulate your skin’s natural processes to address signs of inflammation.

  • Helps strengthen and stimulate your skin’s natural collagen production
  • Calms the signs of inflammation, resulting in firmer, healthier, more radiant-looking skin
  • Helps to naturally protect, repair and rejuvenate the skin
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Mangosteen Brighten

Dramatically reduces the look of age spots, pigmentation and discoloration to brighten and even your skin tone, revealing only your flawless beauty.

  • Helps to brighten and even skin tone, dramatically reducing the signs of age spots, pigmentation and discoloration
  • Provides unmatched antioxidant potency
  • Protects your skin against damaging oxidation, leaving your skin safely and beautifully radiant
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Glimpse® Mineral Treatment

Delivers flawless coverage and topical skin nutrition through its triple-milled blend of zinc oxide, pure minerals and mangosteen.

  • Pure mineral protect against environmental factors
  • Combats the signs of aging to reveal brighter, more radiant, and healthier-looking skin
  • Blends beautifully with Glimpse moisturizers or Glimpse Luminescence Repair® (Mangosteen Pericarp Oil) for a flawless, creamy foundation
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Mangosteen Essential Oils

Master aromatherapists combine mangosteen pericarp oil with other holistic essential oils to create powerful blends that elevate mood and well-being in a way no other essential oils can.

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Pericarp oil nourishes the skin as holistic essential oils of sandalwood, myrrh, ylang ylang, lemongrass and orange lift the senses, restore energy and deliver clarity and focus.
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