XANGO has created an additional way for compensating those 1Ks, 5Ks and 20Ks who generate volume from Customers (and not just Distributors). It's called iBonus, and here's how it works.

As new Customers come to XANGO for our incredible products, the 1Ks, 5Ks and 20Ks who introduce them will share in new bonus pools created specifically for these ranks of emerging leaders.

The new pools pay out each month. If you qualify that month, you are paid based on your shares in the pool.

One's share in each respective pool is based pro rata on one's iVolume. ADP iVolume** counts for triple in determining share amounts.

This is a great way to build your business and your commission check, and it gets right at the heart of networking: developing connections by sharing XANGO wellness, all while tapping into the bonus pools and creating life-long ADP customers!

* “iVolume” established by the Distributor's personal volume [PV] plus the PV of her/his personally sponsored Customers (and the Customers' customers, etc).

** “ADP iVolume” is iVolume that is on ADP.

1st upline Sponsor with 100 PV 15%
2nd - 5th upline Sponsor with 200 PV/ADP 3%
6th - 9th upline Sponsor with 300 PV/ADP 2%
Global Bonus Pool 5%
1K iBonus Global Pool 3%
5K iBonus Global Pool 1%
20K iBonus Global Pool 1%
500K Pool 2%

Participants in the 1K iBonus:

  • are qualified 1Ks
  • have min. 200PV ADP
  • have 1,000 iVolume*

Participants in the 5K iBonus:

  • are qualified 5Ks
  • have min. 200 PV ADP
  • have 2,500 iVolume

Participants in the 20K iBonus:

  • are qualified 20Ks
  • have min. 200 PV ADP
  • have 2,500 iVolume